Thome Ship Management is one of the world’s leading providers of professional crew. Thome provides crew for almost every type of vessel including sophisticated LNG carriers, chemical and product tankers, crude oil and asphalt tankers, bulk carriers and container vessels. Mainly sourced from the Philippines, Thome has more than 3000 officers and ratings employed. Crew members are highly trained and motivated to meet the latest industry demands while complying with all statutory requirements. Thome’s international manning affiliates allows for the selection of officers and crew to be made from a multi-national pool of professional mariners. All crew must pass strict selection and checking criteria enforced by representative offices around the world. Thome has an established manning presence in Manila, Shanghai, Beijing, Sibenik, Jakarta, Mumbai, Riga and Odessa, which are all audited and supervised by the Singapore Marine Personnel Department.

Thome is dedicated to maintaining a qualified pool of seafarers where training is an essential and integrated part of offered crewing services. Thome has a dedicated Marine Training Center, which offers a full range of accredited courses to satisfy the vast training needs of the industry, and also uses other approved training centers around the world as need be. Thome offers its crewcompetitive compensation and excellent benefits packages. To encourage staff loyalty, Thome offers unique advancement opportunities which allow the individual seafarer to grow within a company which has a strong sense of history and tradition, matched equally with its strong vision of the future as a leader in the ship management industry.

Thome offers seafarers a quality lifestyle, with attractive pay and benefits. Cadet Training, among other initiatives, is specifically designed to ensure that Thome continues to attract and retain the highest caliber of seafarers. Dedication to service, quality and safety is paramount in fulfilling Thome’s vision of being the preferred provider of professional sea staff.


Technical management

Thome offers a professionally organised shore based technical management team geared to work closely with owners to reach the common goal of quality shipping. Thome’s key technical personnel monitor the operation, maintenance, performance and procedures of each vessel in close collaboration with the shipboard management team to ensure each vessel meets the principal’s expectations and all industrial standards. Timely monitoring and reporting is achieved through strict implementation of Quality Assurance procedures with regular hands-on inspections and incorporation of innovative marine software solutions.


Consulting & Brokerage

We offer a very large consulting services, pre-purchase and pre-hire inspections through our staff and employed personnel that are professionally trained,  hold qualifications recognised within the Employment Industry.



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